Wedding planner: Style through the seasons

Beach Wedding Beach MallorcaIf you are planning a wedding in Mallorca or anywhere else you will need to think about the time of year you are marrying.

The season will be your guide as you plan the colour scheme and decorative touches that will bring individual flair to the whole day.


If you choose a spring wedding, you can make the most of the lighter evenings by choosing a venue with lots of windows. The weather is pretty changeable so you are likely to be celebrating indoors. Suitable seasonal colour themes might be bright and sunny white or perhaps a subdued palette of soft pinks, lilac and moss greens.


When you think of summer sunshine, you think of white or pastels, which always look cool on a sunny day. Choose fabrics such as organza or voile that flutter in the breeze, and put up oversize white umbrellas to create welcome shade for your guests. Since you can’t guarantee the weather, think very carefully before you choose to eat outside; a conservatory with doors you can open or a marquee with open sides are both solutions that would let in the evening air but provide cover at the same time. Decorate any outside areas with strings of fairy lights or put lanterns in the trees to keep the party going as darkness descends.


All the amazing autumnal colours can make a stunning input into your colour scheme. You don’t have to go too “harvest festival” with the whole look – a glorious rich aubergine, silky russet and every shade of gold work equally well at this time of the year. The evenings will be drawing in so, if you venue allows it, make candlelight a big part of your decoration. Tea lights can be used in many different ways and are an inexpensive (and safe) way to add a romantic glow to any room.


Rich red, greens and gold make a perfect winter choice or, for a more contemporary look, why not go for ice white? If you wedding is near Christmas, the venue may well already be decked out with Christmas trees and decorations so you’ll be half-way there. Christmas decorations, bought in bulk, are wonderfully versatile and can be heaped into inexpensive glass containers for decorations or hung from silver-sprayed twigs. The days will be short so candlelight and fairy lights will be much more atmospheric than overhead lighting.


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