Weddings: Choosing the cake

The wedding cake is a focal point of the reception, and ideally the cake will reflect the theme and colour scheme of the wedding.

Cutting the cake is now a key event of the day and is considered an ideal photo opportunity.

Ensure that the cake is placed on a sturdy table that will not wobble during the cutting. After the cake has been cut, the caterers take it away, divide it up and serve it. Guests can enjoy a slice with their coffee, or later on in the evening.


Each cake-maker has their own style and area of expertise; this is a highly specialised skill and standards can vary enormously.

The bride and groom should go for a tasting and discuss their wishes. They will then choose a cake from a portfolio, or order a bespoke one made to their requirements and sketched by the cake-maker.

Wedding Cake Mallorca


  • The cake should complement the setting. If it is competing with lavish surroundings it will need to be highly coloured or decorative.
  • The cake must include some bold detail as it will generally be viewed from a distance.
  • Choose a well-proportioned table, enhanced with floral decorations, that does not dwarf the cake.


Not everyone likes fruitcake, so other options such as carrot, chocolate or lemon may be considered. A tiered cake of different flavours – for example, one chocolate tier, one lemon tier, etc. – is a good solution.

A display of cup cakes, decorated with different types of icing or flowers, or a croquembouche – a tall triangular pyramid of filled profiteroles drizzled with molten cascading sugar – are also good non-traditional options.


Wedding Cakes in Mallorca

The price of the cakes in Mallorca depends on the design and size you chose. All elements are made by hand and priced according to complexity. We know the cakes of our providers on the island will delight you and your guests in more ways than one. Not only do they look fabulous, they taste great too.

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