Weddings: Budgets and priorities

The budget can be a major influence on your day.

But regardless of whether you have been saving for years or are strapped for cash, you can still have a glorious wedding. Don’t be tempted to borrow money for your celebration – in my experience this simply leads to stress and worry. It is better to start your married lives together without this burden.

My advice to all couples at the beginning of the planning phase is to make a list of your wedding priorities. You may have your eye on a special designer dress, or be desperate to invite 200 guests, so working out what matters most to you is a good starting point.

Once you have your list, allocate sums of money that you are prepared to spend. Some wedding books and magazines suggest percentages for each wedding item, from the dress to the music. But if you follow these you may end up spending more than you want on some things. Instead, simply divide up your budget according to your own priorities.

It is easy to lose direction when planning a wedding, panic-buying things that you don’t need and won’t use. By re-reading your list and thinking about whether you really need a product, you can stick to your ethical principles and keep a rein on your budget.

Wedding Budget Priorities Checklist


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