Events under canvas

Marquees, tipis, yurts and Bedouin tents offer fantastic opportunities for unusual and striking decorations not only on Mallorca.

Fields and farms can provide the perfect setting. Often farmers will rent out a field for a day or weekend; some will even provide local produce. Ask if you can borrow straw bales for seating, and whether there are toilets nearby for your guests. Always check with the relevant authorities if you need either a marquee or liquor licence for the event, and make sure there is access for your tent hire company and any guests with disabilities. You can set up a small kitchen tent and hire catering equipment, although food prepared beforehand will mean less fuss.


Tipis Events Weddings Mallorca

Tipis and kata tents consist of a hand-crafted timber pole structure covered with natural canvas. The design allows for easy assembly and is intended to include a real fire in the centre. Giant Hat Kata tipis are huge and can be joined together to form beautiful arrangements with enough space for hundreds of guests. Hire companies can provide gorgeously rustic trestle tables and benches, which you can decorate with foliage and candies. During chilly evenings, lay vintage woollen or sheepskin blankets across the benches.

Bedouin tents

Bedouin Tents Events MallorcaThe traditional, intricate design and colourfully printed canvas of Bedouin tents makes them a stunning backdrop. Hire companies can provide hand-painted wall panels, celling swags and embroidered floor cushions as well as furniture.



Yurt Events Weddings MallorcaCurvy and magical, yurts are a wonderful alternative to a marquee. These circular structures can be linked form yurt villages, which can accommodate the largest event or wedding party. Separate yurts could have different functions, such as a bar or chill-out yurt. Choose low tables and floor cushions for a laid-back atmosphere.

Cruck marquees

Cruck Marquee events weddings MallorcaThese have a traditional English timber frame overlaid with natural cotton canvas. Ideal for smaller gatherings, they are usually open at the sides so are best chosen in months when the risk of rain is lower. The attractive structure is simply enhanced by pretty native flowers and flickering candlelight.

Traditional marquees

Marquee wedding event Mallorca, SpainUsually made from natural canvas, with scalloped pelmets and big top peaks, these suit colourful, homemade bunting and candy-stripe ribbons. I’ve helped clients keep to a tight budget with a marquee by avoiding extras such as linings and carpets, and hiring trestle tables and chairs separately. With all of these tent options, always check what is included in the price.

Our wedding planning service in Mallorca provide marquees and pavillons for your outdoor event to include not only the marquee, interior lining and furniture but also lighting, heating, generator and loos.

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  1. Daniie says:

    I have found a beach in Majorca that I would love to have a tipi on ! I am wondering what your prices would be for hire
    Guest list will be around 60/70

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