Styles of bridal bouquet & the meaning of flowers

Styles of bridal bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is the ultimate wedding accessory and you’ll want the work with your florist to create something extra special.


Blooms, usually a variety of roses, wired together or casually hand-tied. They work best at a contemporary wedding with a simple, modern dress.


A tight ball of flowers, usually without foliage, suspended on a ribbon that the bride hangs on her wrist. These are also very popular for bridesmaids of all ages.


Small, simple and usually hand-tied with ribbon. Lily of the valley makes the perfect minimalist posy.


The classic bouquet, usually consisting of larger flowers such as roses and peonies loosely arranged and tied with ribbon.


A waterfall-like spill of flowers wired to cascade from a handle. This is the most traditional and formal of the bouquet shapes and suits full-skirted dresses.

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The meaning of flowers

Send a secret message of love to your groom with the flowers you choose for your bouquet.

Azalea > True to the end

Camellia > Perfect love

Carnation (red) > Admiration

Carnation (white) > Sweet and lovely

Daffodil > Joy

Gardenia > Purity and joy

Iris > Hope and wisdom

Jasmine > Sensuality

Lemon blossom > Fidelity

Lily of the valley > Happiness

Rose (red) > I love you

Stephanotis > Marital happiness

Tulip (red) > Love

Tulip (yellow) > Sunshine of my life

Violet > Faithfulness




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