Key questions when choosing a florist

The key questions

Do they seem creative?

You need to find someone who shares your vision for your wedding. Arm yourself with pictures from magazines and expect to be inspired.

What time of year are you marrying?

Although just about any flower is available all year round – at a price – using seasonal flowers for your wedding will look right and save you money. Find out from your florist what will be available and in what colours.

How many flowers do you want, and where?

Be clear from the outset about how many floral arrangements you want and where you want them to go. Do you need a lot of flowers at the ceremony? Most time is spent at the reception, so this is where the majority of the flower budget should be spent.

How much of your budget is set aside for flowers?

It’s essential to find a florist who can come up with good ideas to suit how much you have to spend. If they trying to get you to spend more than you’ve allocated, this florist is not the one for you.

What flowers do you like?

Make a list of your favourite flowers. If the blooms you would like are particularly expensive, remember that just a few can make an impact if used creatively.

Bouquet Florist Weddings Mallorca Spain

Photo Credit: Married in Sheffield

Questions to ask your florist:

  • Do you have photographs of your work?
  • Have you worked at my venues before?
  • What type of flowers will be available when I am getting married?
  • What are the latest trends? Is colour in or out? What are the most popular types of bouquet?
  • Should I choose a colour theme for the whole day?
  • What shape of bouquet will work with the style of my dress (take along a shot of your gown and a fabric swatch if possible)?
  • Given my budget, what type of centrepieces do you recommend?
  • How will the ceremony and reception flowers co-ordinate?
  • What happens if the flowers  I ordered are unavailable on the day?
  • Will you be doing the flowers for my wedding? If not, can I meet the florist(s) who will be?
  • Can flowers be moved from the ceremony to the reception?
  • Can you provide vases, napkin holders, candelabra and so on? What will they cost? Will you arange collection of these after the wedding?
  • Are there any other costs beyond flowers, vases, labour and delivery?
  • Do I have to pay a deposit? When is the balance due to be paid?
  • What is your cancellation policy?


Wedding flowers you may like to include:

  • a welcome garland outside the ceremony venue
  • a pedestal arrangement at the altar or on the registrar’s table at a civil wedding
  • pew end or chair back decorations
  • cones of fresh petals to use as confetti
  • centrepieces for each reception table
  • flowers to top the cake and decorate the cake table
  • individual flowers to adorn each napkin
  • the bride’s bouquet
  • posies for the bridesmaids
  • buttonholes and corsages for the main bridal party
  • thank-you bouquets for each mother and any other special guests
  • flower arrangements in each of the venue toilets


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