Weddings: Your chief bridesmaid

Traditionally the bride’s sister or her best friend, the chief bridesmaid needs to be someone who is unflappable, organised and there to provide a shoulder to cry on during the ups and downs of planning a wedding.

Chief Bridesmaid Duties

Her main duties include:

  • Supporting the bride at all times, listening to the moans and mopping up any tears.
  • Providing a helping hand with whatever jobs need doing.
  • Acting as a shopping partner on trips to find the bride’s dress and the bridesmaid’s outfits.
  • Organising a suitably amazing hen night.
  • Making sure all the other bridesmaids are dressed properly and know their duties.
  • Helping the bride to dress on the big day.
  • Following the bride down the aisle and generally making sure she looks gorgeous at all times.
  • Standing in the receiving line, if there is one.
  • Mingling with guests and making sure everyone is having a good time.
  • Helping the bride to change, if she’s leaving the reception, and arranging for her dress and any gifts to be taken home.


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