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Your wedding rings are something that you’ll wear for a lifetime, so make sure you make the right choice


Make sure you are happy with the look and design of your ring. A traditional band is plain gold, however you might want something more modern and unusual. Consider the style of your engagement ring and make sure the two can be worn together comfortably.

Oui-Ring Christian Dior Wedding Mallorca

 “Oui” ring from Christian Dior


Yellow gold is the most traditional for wedding rings and for many is a symbol of the warmth and love in a marriage. White gold is popular because it co-ordinates with both silver and platinum jewellery yet is cheaper than platinum, which in itself is stylish and the hardest metal available, the reason why platinum is a symbol of enduring love.

How much should you spend?

In general wedding rings normally account for about three per cent of your budget, although if one of you wants diamonds or platinum it will be more. Whatever you spend make sure you feel comfortable wearing the ring. It’s no good spending a lot of money on a ring if you’re too frightened to leave the house wearing it.

Should he have a ring?

Whether a man wears a wedding ring is a very personal choice and one that often can lead to disagreements. While more men are now choosing to wear a ring, some still feel uncomfortable in jewellery.

Should your rings match?

There is a symbolism to matching wedding bands that conveys your lifetime bond to each other, but your rings don’t have to match. Many brides match theirs to their engagement ring while the groom might be happier with something plain and simpler.


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