Love bites ♡

It’s hungry work attending a wedding.

Feeding your guests well is the key to them enjoying your day. Here are some ideas on how to keep them fulfilled.

Traditional wedding breakfast

This is still the most popular option for catering for your day guests, usually consisting of a meat and two veg option. Ask the venue to create your menu around ingredients that are in season or locally grown produce.

Ice cream van

If you’re having a summer wedding then hire an ice cream van. Ices can replace a traditional dessert, entertain the children and transport the adults back to childhood.

Ice Cream Van Mallorca

The guests are the chefs

Sorf of. Designate one person per table as the ‘carver’. Give them a chef’s hat and carving knife and let them dish out the meat to the other guests on their table.

Hog roast

It’s increasingly popular to have a hog roast buffet, especially for marquee weddings. You can still have your table plan but guests choose as much or as little they want from the hog roast accompanied by all kinds of salads and side dishes.

Afternoon tea

Love cakes? Then why not have a tea party feeding your guests mini sandwiches and cakes. If you’re having a festival or country garden theme wedding in a marquee than you could even include a cake baking competition for guests to take part in.

Mini meals

Serve up mini fish and chips in a cone instead of a traditional buffet for your evening guests: they’ll love it. Bacon baps also go down a treat.

Bowl food

Basically walking buffets, served by waiters, which are more substantial than canapés and with lots of choice.

Cultural cuisine

Spice up your evening reception with an Indian or Chinese buffet. Alternatively, you could theme your day around the menu, for example serve seafood including lobster or paella for a beach-themed wedding or pizza, rustic bread, cold meats and cheese for an Italian flavour.


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  1. These are really awesome Traditional wedding breakfast and everything is so delicious that everyone would love to have them. Mr. Whippy, ice-cream Van can really attract many guests towards it in summer time.

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