Menorca, the little sister of Mallorca

Menorca, the little sister of Mallorca, awakes in Es Castell.

The most easterly part of the island is an ideal vantage point to watch the sunrise. In fact, it is the first place in all of Spain where dawn breaks. Once the first rays of sunshine arrive, it becomes clear that the British influence still fills the towns pores. Es Castell doesn’t hide its past. Saint George’s horse continues to appear on its crest back from the day when the municipality was called Georgetown, in honor of King George III.

Es Castell Cales Fonts Menorca, Spain

When the Spanish took back the island from the British, they felt it apt to honour their own king renaming the town Villacarlos. It was only a matter of time however for the imposing San Felipe Castle to outlive any monarch and lend its name to this seafaring place punctured by straight white streets. Today these paths continue to lead into Cales Fonts, the old fishermen’s port. One must not walk these streets without stopping to enjoy the caves transformed into artisan’s shops or one of the many open air bars and restaurants.

Ferries from Mallorca to Menorca

There are several ferry companies providing transportation between Mallorca and Menorca:

Flights from Mallorca to Menorca

There are 3 airliners offering direct flights including Air Berlin, Iberia and Air Nostrum. Iberia offers the highest number of flights for this route.

Menorca Map


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