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Wedding transport comes in all shapes and sizes and prices vary greatly so make sure you allocate enough of your budget to match your requirements. Firstly you should decide on what type of vehicle you would like.

If your journey from home or a hotel to the ceremony venue, and/or ceremony venue to reception is anything more than a local journey, make sure the car you book is suitable and comfortable for the length of time you are travelling.

Wedding Transport Cars Mallorca Spain

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Vintage cars can appear enchanting but seated in one without air conditioning on a hot summers day in Mallorca might not have the same appeal. So make sure you consider certain aspects such as time of year you are getting married, the style of dress you will be wearing and the length of time you need to remain in the vehicle.

In addition, you need to think about how many cars are required to accommodate the size of your bridal party. Usually at least three wedding cars are needed: one for the bride and whoever is giving her away; another for the bridesmaids and mother of the bride and the third for the groom who usually travels with his best man and ushers. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for this, it is worth speaking to your transport provider to see if they can make a number of journeys using fewer vehicles.

Speak to the operator on the phone, don’t just rely on email communication, and make sure the car you have are booking is actually the car you have seen a picture of on your car company’s website. It is important you have complete confidence in your wedding car company, and even better, if you can strike something of a relationship with them.

It is always advisable to view the vehicle if time allows, that way you can seat yourself inside, walk around it, and get a real feel for whether it is the right car for you to make your big entrance in. ♥


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