The Bridegroom: Things to say for a great reception

The bridegroom usually speaks after the bride’s father, who almost always concludes with a toast to the bride and bridegroom.

You reply, on behalt of your wife and yourself. There is no set length of time for you to speak and no hard and fast rules of what to say. Do not be afraid to be brief, that is often preferred by an audience. If gifts are to be given out it is usually best to present them as you mention the recipient, so the speech continues to flow well. Wedding Toast Groom Speach The bridegroom traditionally finishes by proposing a toast to the bridesmaids but you may think another toast is more appropriate… such as to your lovely wife!

Things to say for a great reception

  • Thanks for the amazing reception.
  • Thanks for the welcome into the bride’s family and how lucky you feel.
  • Praise for the way in which the bride was brought up. This leads into how wonderful the bride looks and any observations about the day, for example how utterly overcome you were when you saw her walking down the aisle, what you feel about her, and what your hopes are for your future.
  • Any amusing stories about your relationship, or the lead up to the wedding, avoiding anything that might cause embarrassment to your new bride.
  • Thanks to the guests for attending and their generous gifts.
  • Thanks to the bridesmaids, ushers and other attendants for their assistance and support.
  • Thanks to the best man/men for looking after you and for supporting you throughout the preparations and the wedding day.


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