Wedding Gifts: Saying thank you

You’ll want to say a personal and sincere thank you to everyone who has come to your wedding and generously given you a gift. And a written thank you is expected even if you said thanks in person at the wedding.

Writing out a hundred plus thank-you cards is time consuming and it’s a job that both you and your partner should tackle together. The easiest way for you to thank your friends and family and for him/her to do the same. Split joint friends between both of you.

Send out thank yous as soon as you can after you have received the gift. If presents arrive before the wedding, you can send a thank you straight away.

If you do leave your thank-you notes until after the wedding, make sure you send them within four weeks; any longer and you run the risk of being considered rude.

You should handwrite your thank-you cards. You can order cards with the same design as your invitations or buy packs of thank-you cards from any high street stationer.

Nobody expects a literary materpiece – they simply want to know that you appreciated their gift and their company at the wedding. Personalise each card by mentioning the gift and perheps saying something about how you may use it in the future. If someone has given you money, try to give an idea of how the money may be spent, even if you have yet to decide.

Saying thank you Wedding Gifts


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