Wedding Etiquette & Social Media: What you Need to Know

Whilst browsing on the internet, we came across an interesting infographic on the new rules of wedding etiquette on social media platforms.

Wedding etiquette for the bride and groom:

⇒ Call your parents before pressing “post” or “tweet” to announce your news.

Your close friends and of course your family, will appreciate hearing it straight from you first.

⇒ Change your relationship status in minutes or months, up to you!

There’s no wrong or right time, some brides and grooms even do it at the altar!

⇒ Post pics of your engagement ring.

But keep the details like cost and carat to yourself.

⇒ Designate a Tweeter-of-Honour.

Enjoy your big day, stay off your phone and still keep everyone updated.

⇒ Send out traditional paper invites for the main event.

Email invites are totally OK for pre- and post-wedding events. There are plenty of websites that let you customise e-invites.

Wedding etiquette for the guests:

⇒ Wait to post your congratulations.

If the couple hasn’t made the announcement, then you shouldn’t shout out the news for them.

⇒ Private message wedding planning questions.

It can be disrespectful for the couple’s other friends who weren’t invited.

⇒ Post pics of the bride and groom.

Respect their request if they ask you not to share photos before they do.

⇒ Put your phone away.

Posting occasionally is OK, but the couple invited you to enjoy their day.

⇒ Follow directions for the RSVP.

The couple’s inboxes are already full of wedding-related details. A text or email is likely to get lost in the mix.

Wedding Etiquette Social Media Infographic

Wedding Etiquette & Social Media: What you Need to Know – Source:

Anything you find interesting on this list?

So, how will you share your wedding excitement on your social media platforms?

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