Inspirational ideas for your wedding in Mallorca: Mediterranean hipster wedding

Ana and Pablo’s wedding took place in Spain with a beautiful rustic theme. Ana was working in New York and Pablo was a professional photographer. When they met in Alicante, the attraction between the couple was so strong that Ana decided very quickly to return to Spain. Four years later, he proposed in Central Park.

And the wedding… it took place on the Spanish mainland and accurately reflected the personalities of the couple. The wedding magazine Telva reported that it was relaxed, fun and there was a lot of attention to detail, as you would expect from a memorable wedding on Mallorca.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Inspiration wedding getting married in Mallorca

Wedding dress: Navascués. The bridal bouquet consisted of a long stem with wild flowers, proteas, thistles and scabious among others. Photo credit: Serafín Castillo

Mediterranean hipster wedding Mallorca decoration

The decorative theme consisted mainly of wild plants, wooden and vintage items. The bridal couple’s chairs were adorned with olive branches. Photo credit: Serafín Castillo

Rustic Wedding Mallorca Inspiration

A food truck served delicious food and drinks during the cocktail reception. For dessert there was a home-made naked red velvet cake, which was appropriately decorated with wild flowers. The dinner was opened with a song by The Jackson Five and the song for Ana and Pablo’s first dance was their favourite, “I do not have anything if I do not have you” by Guns N ‘Roses. The couple had created a song list with over 200 songs … which were played well into the early morning. Photo credit: Serafín Castillo


Our advice

When you are planning your wedding, don’t forget that it’s all about you marrying the love of your life and about what you would like for your special day.

Also do a lot of research and use any skills you and your family have so you can make your wedding even more unique and personal.


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