Top Six Reasons Why Mallorca Should Be Your Dream Wedding Destination

Mallorca is the perfect destination for your dream wedding.

Our beautiful island sits in the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean, and is home to warm and pleasant weather conditions from May to October, so you’re almost guaranteed a perfect day. The island is also home to first-class wedding professionals who can help you with all the details of your Mallorca wedding. Below we have selected the top six reasons for choosing Mallorca as your dream wedding destination!

Destination Wedding Mallorca

  1. Perfect Weather Six Months a Year! 

Yes, that’s right! Over 300 days of sunshine a year, warm temperatures, romantic sunsets, and best of all; Mallorca is nestled in the blue and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This definitely takes the worry out of planning your big day! Read more about Mallorca weather at

  1. A Wide Range of Options 

Mallorca offers an incredibly wide range of ceremony and reception options – from elegant hotels to sandy beaches. Brides and grooms can individualise their special day choosing from a wide menu of locations at small boutique hotels, traditional country houses (fincas), beach clubs and restaurants, and the more exclusive hotels.

  1. Memorable Honeymoon  

Whether you are beach lovers or relaxation seekers Mallorca offers the perfect honeymoon for any kind of newlywed couple. With many restaurants, exciting land and water activities, art galleries and museums, sumptuous spas, excellent golf courses, and exclusive shopping, you are guaranteed the perfect Mallorcan honeymoon!

  1. Affordable and Convenient Flights

Travelling to Mallorca is easy! It’s just a two- to three-hour flight from the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands or other European countries and you, your bridal party and guests can easily travel to and from the island.

  1. Religious Ceremonies 

With advance planning and submission of documentation, religious ceremonies or wedding blessings can also be conducted on the island.

  1. Mallorca’s Wedding Planners

The best thing about getting married in Mallorca… you don’t have to do it all by yourself! Experienced wedding planners provide valuable advice about documentation and legal matters, as well as coordination on the ceremony day. Every minute detail about the ceremony and reception can be arranged, from flowers to live music, from sunset sea view weddings to a religious wedding ceremony, everything is taken care of so you can enjoy your special day to the fullest!

These top six reasons are just some of the many reasons why choosing Mallorca as your dream wedding destination will give you a truly unforgettable experience!

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