5 Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Summer Wedding

As a season of sunshine, beautiful flowers, and lush green landscapes, summer is the perfect time of the year to say “I do” in the great outdoors. Get hitched without the fear of unpleasant and uncomfortable glitches by making sure to include these five essentials in your outdoor summertime wedding.

Hydration Stations

Even the mildest of summer days can quickly lead to dehydration if you stay out in the sunshine too long. Keep you, your new spouse and in-laws, as well as your wedding guests hydrated and refreshed by setting up hydration stations at your wedding venue.

Offer a variety of icy cold beverages like bottled water, juice, ice tea, and other favorites to everyone. Avoid offering alcohol or soda until the sun sets or you move the party indoors as these drinks can dehydrate you in the summer heat.

Outdoor Summer Wedding Mallorca Tent Lighting

Freshening Up Stations

The heat and humidity can also take its toll on your appearance. Help everyone in attendance look their freshest by setting up areas where they can tidy up as needed. Placing hygiene essentials like baby wipes, hand sanitizer, disposable combs, baby powder, and other items throughout the venue can put guests at ease about their appearances and also let them wipe away or dry up sweat if they get too hot.

Shade and Shelter

The weather forecast might call for cool conditions and sunny skies. However, when you want to be prepared for any kind of forecast for your wedding, you can prepare now by reserving a clear span tent.

Clear span tents provide all of the shade and shelter you and your friends and family need to stay out of the sun, heat, and wind. The tent also makes it easy to mingle, dance, and relax since it has no center poles or obtrusive structures that you have to watch out for while you are inside of it.

Additionally, you may consider renting tables with umbrellas or hanging canopies over the seating area and altar. Umbrellas and canopies made out of lightweight fabric can also add to the visual appeal of your nuptials.

Handheld Fans

Your loved ones will appreciate you making available handheld fans that they can use throughout the ceremony and reception or dance. Many couples opt for circular programs that double as fans that they can use to keep themselves cool until the sun sets.

Make sure that the fans are sturdy and not made from flimsy paper, however. You may choose sturdier materials like cardboard or construction paper for your programs/handheld fans.

Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Summer Wedding

Bug Repellent

Finally, all of these outdoor wedding essentials do little to deter bugs from inviting themselves to your ceremony and after party. While you understandably want to look and smell your best, you should not overlook the importance of having bug repellent available at the event.

This important must-have will help you and your loved ones keep away mosquitoes, horse flies, sweat bees, and other pesky creatures. You also will avoid dealing with itchy, painful welts and bites for days after you get married.

Outdoor summer weddings are the height of romance and beauty. Help your ceremony be even more special and memorable by having these five essentials available for you and your wedding guests to use throughout the day.

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