Flower Chandelier DIY for Your Wedding

Looking for a unique floral display for your big day?

Wedding flower trends are always changing, but there’s one we just can’t get enough of lately. Whether you’re interested in a statement piece for the reception or an embellishment to hang above the dessert table, a flower chandelier is the perfect way to add effortless ambiance to your wedding day. The best part? Designing your own may be a lot easier than you think plus, you get to customize every detail.

To help you get started creating your own, ProFlowers created a step-by-step flower chandelier¬†guide. With a handful of floral options and arrangements to choose from, you’ll be able to find a chandelier style that suits the two of you and your big day. From rustic and refined to whimsical and homespun, there’s something for everyone.


Types of Flowers Chandeliers

Design the flower chandelier of your dreams. Which one suits you?
Types of Flowers Chandeliers DIY Wedding


Whether you are having a small and intimate affair or the wedding event of the year, our wedding planners in Mallorca can help you achieve your floral dream. Vintage, classic, contemporary… whatever your style, we can work with you to ensure you get your perfect big day blooms.


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