DIY Photo Backdrops for the Ultimate Wedding Party

The wedding reception is your chance to celebrate with your friends and family, from getting down on the dance floor to enjoying your wedding cake. However, sometimes your guests will want a break from dancing or chatting with friends, which is why it’s great to always have other options for entertaining your guests.

One way to add to your wedding reception is with a photo backdrop. These backdrops are a fun way to entertain your guests and also make memories. You can even save money and create your own using this DIY backdrop tutorial from Gifts. Once you’ve made your own, don’t forget to add in fun props like masks, hats or other ways your guests can pose for their photo op!
How to make a photo backdrop wedding assembly
How to make a triangle fringe backdrop wedding

How to make a Triangle Fringe Backdrop

MATERIALS: Scissors, Tape, Ruler (optional), Tissue Paper, Pen (optional), Plastic table cloth
Step 1: Cut out tissue paper triangles
Step 2: Add the fringe
Step 3: Attach to backdrop frame
Step 4: Enjoy!

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