Budgeting for Wedding Bouquets [Infographic]

Planning a wedding? Then it’s likely that you’re planning a budget—even if your event is a very small affair. And if you’re including all the usual suspects in your wedding planning, then you’re likely making room in your budget for flowers.

Flowers are something that are typically included in wedding planning, even if you leave out some of the other add-ons. That’s because the couple getting married usually has some sort of flower that they hold or pin onto clothing. That flower can be a way to add a unique color or texture. Or if the flower has meaning for the couple, it can be a great way to include that sentimental approach in your wedding planning.

But the price of wedding flowers can quickly get out of control, even if your flower needs are small. One of the reasons is that couples often choose flowers that aren’t in season, meaning it costs more to grow and to transport those blooms. A seasonal approach—finding and using flowers that are growing at the time of your wedding—is a good option. This graphic explains the idea.

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Budgeting for Wedding Bouquets: A Seasonal Flower Chart


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