Romantic Elegance: N and D’s Son Marroig Wedding

N dreamed of a summer wedding in Mallorca to marry the love of her life D.  They chose the stunning wedding reception venue Son Marroig to hold their elaborate wedding reception draped with white flowers, elegant lighting and delicious food for guests to enjoy.  N and her bridesmaids all enjoyed a refreshing morning at their hotel in Palma having their hair and make-up done. N was glowing from the very start of the day!

Son Marroig WeddingSon Marroig Mallorca WeddingSon Marroig Deia Wedding

Son Marroig Wedding Prices

Beautiful bride N walks down the aisle holding tightly to her father’s arm.Bridesmaids Wedding Mallorca

Pretty bridesmaids holding summery textured bouquets – so sweet and perfect for the season.

Son Marroig Wedding Music Mallorca Son Marroig Wedding Photos

Son Marroig Wedding Car Mallorca

Enjoying a moment alone (right) and that newly married “glow” right after the ceremony.

Son Marroig Wedding Venue

Son Marroig Wedding Decoration Mallorca Decoration: Elegant centerpieces for the tables adorned with classic ivory coloured linens, gold place mats and luxury glassware. The light from lots of candles adds warmth to this elegant summer night.Son Marroig Wedding Planner Mallorca Son Marroig Wedding Planner

N and D were introduced to thunderous applause as they went right into their first dance together as husband and wife.

…. And they danced and danced the night away!

Son Marroig Wedding Party Mallorca

The end to a perfect day in Mallorca and the beginning of a beautiful life together!



Take a moment and check out their wedding highlights video … enjoy!


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