Relevant & Insightful Tips For Brides and Grooms for Beach Weddings

The beach offers a beautiful natural backdrop for couples looking to share one of the most important days of their relationship. As such, there’s no wonder why many couples decide to brave the elements and walk the sandy aisle.

To host a successful beach wedding, a couple needs to plan carefully and consider all of the contingencies. Here are some relevant and insightful tips for couples looking to plan a beach wedding.

Choose the Right Outfits

Be sure to choose the right outfits based on the weather and environment at your beach. Consider the temperature: if you’re having a southern beach wedding, prepare for the heat. If you’re having a beach wedding in the northern Atlantic region, prepare for a cool breeze.

For the groom, it’s as simple as choosing a suit or tux that provides warmth or an alternative that will allow for more airflow. It gets a little more complex for the bride. If your style leans more toward a casual wedding dress for courthouse nuptials, your fashion-sense should translate well to a beach wedding. If you adore the look of a ballgown style dress with a long, heavy train, you might struggle in the sand.

Footwear is another important consideration. Forget the idea of designer high heels; you’ll want comfortable flats or to go barefoot instead.

Beach Wedding

Have a Weather Plan

Rain is a risk for anyone who decides to have an outdoor wedding. You need to decide during your planning phase whether you will brave the rain, using a tent rental or having umbrellas on hand for some romantic raindrop photos. If you wish to have an alternate location in the event of rain, you’ll need to coordinate that in advance.

There’s another element to consider when having a wedding on the beach: wind. Even on the most beautiful sunny days, the wind can blow around sand, knock over your flower arrangements, and make it hard for your guests to hear what’s being said. Visit your location multiple times during the planning phase if possible, or ask your destination coordinator about the wind. You may need to have a sound system and weighted floral arrangements to make it work.

Believe it or not, you’ll also have to plan for the sun. Depending on the time of day, you could be facing the potential for sunburns and heatstroke. Alternatively, the sun could impact your photography and your guests’ vision.

Public vs. Private Beach

Another important consideration which is often overlooked is whether the beach you choose is public or private. Not only will this impact the permissions you require to host your event, but it will also determine whether or not strangers will be present. If you choose to have an event at a public beach, you can ask people to be respectful of the space, but have no authority over them.

For public beaches, check with your local parks and recreation department to see what you’re allowed to have on site, which licenses you require, and if you can take any liberties to keep strangers away from your setup.

Make Your Guests Comfortable

When sending out your invitations, consider guests who may have limited mobility and could potentially struggle with the sandy layout. Clearly, indicate that your ceremony will be taking place on the beach on your invitations. Make the time to call guests who may have issues personally, and ask them how you can make it easier for them to enjoy your special day.

Having a guest preparation station is also a fun, classy touch to make sure everyone has a good time. Set up a station with water, sunscreen, flipflops, and sunglasses to ensure everyone is covered. You may even want to customize these things, creating custom sunglasses that double as wedding favors or flipflops that can be used to replaced uncomfortable shoes later in the evening.

Everything Will be Just Beachy

If you plan everything and take a laidback approach to your big day, you’ll have a wonderful beach ceremony with your significant other and loved ones. Just remember, raindrops are lucky, the wind is a reminder that your spouse swept you away, and all you need is love.

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