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We explain the key roles and the benefits of bringing in some professional help!

While weddings have become less traditional over the years, there are still certain protocols many couples follow when tying the knot. Here are some helpful tips.


Ushers are usually chosen as close family and friends and usually one usher to 50 guests is reasonable. Their duties involve:

  • Organising button holes
  • Giving out the order of service
  • Seating guests and welcoming them to the venue
  • Help to move the wedding party as needed, to photos and to the reception
  • Help out the best man where possible
Roles ushers father bride chief bridesmaid

Father of the bride

The bride’s father (or a close relative of the bride) has the important job of accompanying the bride to the ceremony whether she’s in a vintage car or other form of transport. He will give the bride away and will make the first speech after the wedding breakfast. Other duties include:

  • If there is a welcoming line, the father and mother of the bride (and groom) will form part of this to welcome guests
  • In his speech, remember to welcome your new son-in-law to the family
  • Traditionally, the father of the bride pays for the wedding however these days both family’s contribue

Chief bridesmaid

The chief bridesmaid is usually the bride’s sister or best friend and is there to support the bride on her special day. Her role is similar to that of a best man but here is no need to make a speech. Her duties would normally include:

  • Helping the bride to get ready
  • Making sure the brides dress is sitting correctly and not hooked up when getting out of the car
  • Holding the bridal bouquet when vows are made
  • Organizing the other bridesmaids

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