Find Your Wedding’s Signature Cocktail

Adding unique and personal details to your wedding isn’t just fun, but they can help make your special day even more memorable for you and your guests. As you may know, anything customized can be costly and time-consuming so we thought we’d share an idea that’s both budget-friendly and easy!

Wedding Cocktails Mallorca

Offering signature wedding cocktails gives you so many opportunities to get creative while simultaneously helping out your staff and guests by simplifying the selections at the bar. We recommend choosing interesting and unique flavors that match your wedding’s color scheme or theme. If you’re having a rustic chic wedding, go for a nice amber-colored cocktail. For a bright summer wedding, flavors like strawberry and lavender can be both refreshing and colorful.

To help you make your selection process even more fun, try out this unique signature cocktail quiz from Shutterfly. The chart will guide you through delicious drinks based on your personality and tastes. They also include recipes to all of their drinks including a Blueberry Prosecco Royale, a Strawberry Basil Paloma and a Cucumber Gin Lemonade.

Once you find the perfect cocktail(s) for your wedding, select a name that speaks to your story as a couple. Whether it’s an inside joke between you and your partner or the book you bonded over when you first met, you’re sure to find an endearing name and flavorful cocktail that your guests will enjoy.

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