How to Create A Wedding Bouquet Fit for Stardom

So the big day is approaching and you’re caught in a whirlwind of wedding preparations. In the midst of the chaos and delicious cake tastings, it’s important not to forget your bouquet. Such a small thing may be last on your to-do list, however you should give it significant time and thought as it will complement your entire look in addition to your color scheme.

Wedding Bouquet Mallorca

To help you get some inspiration, Hola created the fun visual below that features wedding bouquet inspiration from celebrity wedding bouquets. Learn how stars such as Kim Kardashian, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Sofia Vergara incorporated different types of flowers to match the look and feel of their ceremony.

Some went for a classic and elegant style using white roses and peonies. Others flaunted their bold personality with unique and colorful flowers like sunflowers and dahlias. Don’t forget to pick your filler flowers carefully — you wouldn’t want them to take away from the main blooms!

Understanding the symbolic value of each flower can also help you decide which ones to include in your bouquet. Do you want to portray romance, strength, or innocence? Maybe a combination? Continue to the infographic below to learn about celebrity bouquets, including their symbolism and complementary flowers.

Famous Celebrity Wedding Bouquets
Famous Celebrity Wedding Bouquets

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