Mallorcan fish and seafood

Seafood is, not surprisingly, enormously popular on Mallorca. There is a local fishing industry, but it’s small and demand is such that most fresh fish is imported, usually from Galicia. A classic Balearic dish is caldereta de llagosta, and originating from Fornells in the north of Menorca. It’s simple but stupendously rich and flavoursome spiny lobster stew, made with tomatoes and onions. The lobster for this dish is imported for most of the year, but if you order if from June to August you could be in luck and get a local creature: this is the legal fishing period, when you’ll see lobster traps in all the fishing ports.

Seafood and Fish Mallorca, Spain

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Gin Tapa Calvia, Events Weddings, Mallorca Spain

Mallorca’s Gastronomy: GinTapa event in the municipality of Calvià

As soon as the Mostra de Cuina in the municipality of Calvia in the southwest of Mallorca was over, the gastronomic highlights continue with the GinTapa event. From 31st October to 23rd November, every Thursday to Saturday, visitors can taste a special gin and a tapa in the participating restaurants and bars, choose their favorites and even win prizes such as airline tickets.

Altogether there are seven routes and 73 participating restaurants. Map and information about the GinTapa at:

Here’s a taste of what’s happened so far. Fancy a tapa?

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Mallorca’s Grand Gourmet Award 2013

The Grand Gourmet Award Mallorca enables us to experience the cuisine of seven of Mallorca’s top chefs in one gala dinner.

The seven participating chefs in October this year were: Tomeu Caldentey (Es Molí d’en Bou), Macarena de Castro (Jardín) and Fernando Pérez Arellano (Zaranda) – who all produce Michelin-starred cuisine on Mallorca. The others include British chef Marc Fosh (Simply Fosh), Benito Vicens (Bens d’Avall), Victor García (La Fortaleza) and María Solivellas (Can a Toneta). It was a memorable evening, everyone looks forward to the culinary reunion next year!

Take a look at the event:

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