Vintage Wedding Mallorca

Vintage Weddings

Indulge your vintage side and bring together all those little gems collected over the years: the beaded Italian bag, the fabulous 1950s wedding gown, the Edwardian pearl necklace and the long, elegant gloves.

Antique, second-hand and re-used items are great for the environment. They are effectively carbon neutral as they have already been used, and you may well be saving them from being thrown away.

Charity shops are a fantastic source of unexpected finds – buying from them will benefit both the good cause and your wallet. Relatives may also have heirloom jewellery, ceramics or linen to pass down to you. Don’t be afraid to use items that do not match – it can create a delightfully eclectic look.

Stylish couples

Take inspiration from these classic 20th-century weddings:

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

A fairy-tale wedding in Monaco in 1956, in front of the world’s press and the adoring public. She wore a full-skirted gown, crafted from ivory silk taffeta and lace.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier Vintage Wedding

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