Dessert Table Wedding Mallorca

Sweet Delights

You’ll want your cake, favours and cookies to look divine, so book a tasting session with your cake maker to ensure they taste as good as they look.


Having a candy cart or sweets trolley at your reception is right on trend but why not take it a step further and have a desserts table? Display plates of cupcakes, bowls of Bon Bons and jars of tasty biscuits to tempt your guests. Keep to your wedding day colour by making everything on the table shades of one colour. Or, if you adore all things bright then pick a zingy colour like lemon drop yellow or apple red or mix up the colours!

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Wedding Cake Mallorca

Weddings: Choosing the cake

The wedding cake is a focal point of the reception, and ideally the cake will reflect the theme and colour scheme of the wedding.

Cutting the cake is now a key event of the day and is considered an ideal photo opportunity.

Ensure that the cake is placed on a sturdy table that will not wobble during the cutting. After the cake has been cut, the caterers take it away, divide it up and serve it. Guests can enjoy a slice with their coffee, or later on in the evening. Continue reading