Summer Wedding Mallorca

Wonderful summer wedding in Mallorca

A and D got married! We raise our glasses to the two of them and are happy that we were able to organise their perfect day and that we can now share it with you.

It’s no secret; a summer wedding in Mallorca is simply something special! The rented finca with its rooms offered the ideal setting for this dreamlike summer fairy tale wedding.

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Social Media Wedding Mallorca

Social Media Savvy Couple – Infographic

With the advent of smartphone technology and social media, it’s difficult to walk down the street of any town or city and not see someone on their phone. People love sharing their news and updates on their social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. Social media itself has advanced so much that you can now broadcast events live as they happen if you want to. When it comes to their weddings, some couples like to keep a strict control on proceedings which can cause negative atmospheres among guests. Then there are those couples who like to embrace social media on their big day; they look at it as seeing their big moment from a number of different angles.

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Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Summer Wedding

5 Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Summer Wedding

As a season of sunshine, beautiful flowers, and lush green landscapes, summer is the perfect time of the year to say “I do” in the great outdoors. Get hitched without the fear of unpleasant and uncomfortable glitches by making sure to include these five essentials in your outdoor summertime wedding.

Hydration Stations

Even the mildest of summer days can quickly lead to dehydration if you stay out in the sunshine too long. Keep you, your new spouse and in-laws, as well as your wedding guests hydrated and refreshed by setting up hydration stations at your wedding venue.

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Things to Consider for a Wedding Guest List

Things to Consider for a Wedding Guest List

Think about these key questions:

What is the mood of the wedding?

Do you want big and formal or small and intimate? The style of your wedding dictates how many people you’ll want to attend. If you like the idea of a lot of guests but have a limited budget, think about having a cocktail-style reception rather than an expensive plated dinner.

How big is your budget?

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Wedding Snapchat Filter Ideas

Snapchat Filter Ideas to Make Your Wedding Extra Memorable

Your wedding day is a day that you’ll want all of your friends and family to remember. Therefore, you’ll want to make it easy for everyone to share the day’s most memorable moments. If you’re a social media savvy bride, chances are, you’ve already picked out your wedding hashtag. How about taking things to the next level by creating a customized wedding Snapchat filter to make your wedding extra unique?

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Bridal Shops Palma Mallorca

2018 Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding dress trends may not be nearly as extensive or short-lived as ready-to-wear, but they do still exist.

Now that there’s more flexibility in terms of what constitutes a “wedding dress,” bridal designers these days have the freedom to experiment with new silhouettes, colorways, and materials to reinvent the look every season. The new Pronovias designs in 2018 can be characterized for several trends, such as unexpected backs, amazing jewelled embellishment, and new fabrics and combinations of fabrics.

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Bryllup på Mallorca Bryllupsplanleggere

Norwegian Elegance Meets Rustic Wedding in Mallorca

Inspired by their shared love of Mallorca, M and Ø from Norway planned an intimate al fresco wedding on the island, surrounded by 80 partygoers. It was love at first sight with the venue, because it had everything they wanted, and the style of the space was unique.

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Wedding Ceremony Mallorca

H♥A’s Vibrant Wedding in Mallorca

Free-spirited couple H & A from the UK but living in Australia, both knew they wanted a wedding abroad, and Mallorca’s romantic landscape fulfilled all their destination dreams. They celebrated their big day with romantic and nature inspired touches. From a Spanish guitarist to wild flowers – the style of the wedding effortlessly blended the couple’s personal experiences and tastes. Fairy lights strung around the finca’s garden created a beautiful, intimate, and relaxing atmosphere for the couple’s celebration. We loved organizing this beautiful wedding!

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